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Krishna Bhajans (English)

Page: 14/200

Home > Sai Bhajans Scripts > Krishna Bhajans > hari bol hari bol hari hari bol

Read Bhajan in Hindi/Devnagri Read Bhajan in CSX 

hari bol hari bol hari hari bol
muku.nda maadhava govinda bol
raama bol raama bol raama raam bol
raghukula bhuushhaNa raama raam bol
kR^ishhNa bol kR^ishhNa bol kR^ishhNa kR^ishhNa bol
raadhaa maadhava shrii kR^ishhNa bol
shiva bol shiva bol shiva shiva bol
saaI sha.nkara shiva shiva bol

Chant the Divine names of Shree Krishna, who is Radha s consort, Shree Rama, who is the pride of Raghu dynasty, Shiva and Sai Baba.

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